UTD PT140: "Savage Sabers" Performance/Training T-shirt (USMC Anti-Tank Training Co.)

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When you're going for a run, hitting the gym, or on an op stacked with armor and gear in the heat, you need a performance undershirt that's built to take all the abuse while staying light and keeping you dry. The PT140 is that shirt.

It is constructed from a poly microfiber mesh that breathes well, is exceptional at wicking moisture, and also dries unbelievably fast. This is great not only while being active, but makes doing laundry a breeze too - the PT140 dries in less than a third of the time it takes to dry a typical cotton shirt!

And because it's poly microfiber, it won't shrink or fade even after repeated washing, and it's even highly wrinkle-resistant. The PT140 also has a soft cotton-look surface that avoids that shiny "gym clothes look" many performance t-shirts have, so it's perfect for casual wear and looks squared-away when worn with cammies. 

Best for: High activity (PT, running, or working out), hot weather or high humidity, all day casual wear, or as an undershirt in cammies. 

Product Features:

  • Performance fit, slightly tapered with slightly fitted sleeves
  • Made of light, moisture-wicking poly microfiber
  • Soft"cotton look" fabric delivers performance without the shiny polyester look
  • Made 100% in the USA