The BEST Custom-Designed Military & LE Unit Shirts, Period.

Reloaded Gear Co. makes the best custom-designed military & law enforcement unit t-shirts on the market. Period.

This isn't meant to sound like boasting. It's simply that our unit t-shirts are the best because we put an enormous amount of time and effort into making them that way.



For example, it took nearly a full year of researching dozens of different fabrics, products, and printing techniques to refine every aspect of the process to be perfect specifically for members of the military and law enforcement units. When we were finally ready to launch our Unit T-shirt Division, we had the process of designing and manufacturing outstanding unit gear down to a science.

We do it better than anyone because we put more effort into it than anyone.



But why put so much effort into unit t-shirts - a type of t-shirt most companies put little to no effort into at all?

Unfortunately, most unit t-shirts are usually made cheaply, with mediocre designs and low-quality materials. This is because, currently, nobody specializes in making high-quality military and LE unit t-shirts - these are typically just another job for some screenprinter doing dozens of jobs at a time.

And because military/LE customers don't have expertise in apparel design or printing, those screen printers can usually get away with cutting corners on these jobs - and they often do.

This is the status quo...but it's a damn shame. Our military service members, law enforcement officers, and first responders deserve the best the market has to offer. Unfortunately, what they usually get is nowhere even close.




When I started Reloaded Gear Co., I didn't want to follow the status quo in any way - but one place I knew I was going to give my all to was in making exceptional unit t-shirts. I know not only how much unit t-shirts mean to their members - but also how crappy they usually turn out.

That is unacceptable to me. The men and women serving our country and our communities deserve the absolute best - and at Reloaded, that's what they get. 



I have a background in commercial apparel design, but I also know that military and LE units have special needs, such as:

  • Their garments need to be the right colors to match uniform items and gear.
  • They need to be made of materials that will be comfortable and functional in demanding environments.
  • They need to be of a fit and weight that suits the members of the unit, and where they will operate.
  • Most of all, they need to be of exceptional quality - products built well enough to last for all the years that they'll be loved by those who wear them.



To get it right, we ordered dozens of sample fabrics from suppliers all over the country. we weighed them and measured them. We compared colors and textures. We washed them dozens of times. We beat them up on purpose just to see how they would hold up.

In short, we put them through what you, the customer, would put them through. Because unit products don't just need to last long enough for you to wear them for a few months like you might with a t-shirt at the mall.

They need to last as long as your unit's legacy does - potentially, a lifetime.



Now, the custom products we offer are the best in the industry. Pair that with an awesome, professionally-made design created exclusively for you, and you have unit t-shirts (and hoodies, and hats) like absolutely none other. 

If you're in a military, law enforcement, or first responder unit, please contact us before you order your next round of unit gear.

Don't settle for the swap meet-quality stuff you're probably used to getting - you deserve the design expertise, garment quality, product selection, and customer service normally reserved for big business clients, and here at Reloaded Gear Co., that's exactly what you'll get.


Aaron D. Cortez, 

Founder, Reloaded Gear Co.