How the Unit T-shirt Program Works

Here is a quick breakdown of the process involved in taking your custom t-shirts and from vision to reality. The process is easy, and best of all, we take care of all the hard stuff. 

First, the essentials: we have a Minimum Order Quantity of only 60 T-shirts/Hoodies for all custom unit orders, and we also offer $0 Design & Set-Up Fees and Free Bulk Shipping in CONUS on all unit orders.**

We use fixed pricing, which includes full customization of your products, along with Free CONUS Shipping to your unit. As of Jan. 2024, our product selection and pricing is as follows:

  • T150 Eco-Hybrid Ultra T-shirt: $33, 4 colors available**
  • T100 Classic Cotton T-shirt: $28, 3 colors available** 
  • F400 Everyday Hoodie: $59, 2 colors available** 
  • S1 Silkies aka Ranger Panties (shorts): $29, 2 colors available**

In addition, sleeve prints are available as an upgrade for $3 per item. (We also have additional colors available for custom orders; please contact us for more information.)

We also offer Bulk Discounts for large orders. They are as follows:

  • Tier 1: 99-199 items = 5% off full order
  • Tier 2: 200-299 items: 10% off full order
  • Tier 3: 300+ items: 15% off full order

**All orders in CONUS ship free via UPS Ground. OCONUS shipping will receive a shipping credit of 50% of the total, as determined by USPS Priority International Shipping. 


There are 5 easy steps involved in getting your Unit T-shirt project from a simple idea, to finished products in your unit's hands. They are:



First, a representative from your unit will contact us with your design ideas, and we'll discuss what you are looking for. This person will become the "Point-of-Contact" (POC), tasked with carrying out the order process on the unit side. 

Once you are ready to get started, we'll collect a Project Design Deposit of $250. With this, our Design Team will get started creating your custom design, and Production will schedule time to manufacture your custom products. (This is only a deposit; it is refunded in full once your unit places their full order.)

At this time we will also have you fill out a quick Pre-Flight Questionnaire, which gives us essential info about your project and help us plan out a timeline.



Our innovative "Store-In-A-Box" (SIB) is a kit that we send to your unit, with samples of all our products so unit members can see and feel what they will be receiving and order with confidence. 

It includes:

  • Physical samples of each product we sell (so you can see and feel the quality)
  • A Product Catalog with pricing and product information
  • Order Forms the POC can use to easily keep track of orders
  • A Return Shipping Label

Unit members will be able check out the samples to figure out what they want, and place their own order using the included Order Forms. This will help the POC build out an ordering spreadsheet to send us, and easily distribute orders when they arrive at the unit. 

NOTE: The SIB adds time to the overall process; if you are on a short timeline or already know what you want, this step can be skipped and we can get right to the ordering process. 



Based on the ideas and reference images you send us, we will prepare a finished, production-ready design. We do all jobs with $0 Design & Set-up Fees!

Sometimes we simply do a "redraw" - taking your original logo and redrawing it in high-res with more detail. We do this about 25% of the time. In most cases however, we will use your ideas to create a completely custom-made design that embodies your unit, using a combination of unit-supplied references and our own ideas. We never re-use designs; every one is exclusive to the unit that ordered it, forever!

Once a design is approved, we will then create realistic Digital Mockups of the finished products, and prepare a Design Preview to send you. This can easily be printed or shared digitally within the unit, so everyone knows exactly what the finished products will look like.

In most cases, the design process takes about a week, but this can vary from 3-14 days depending on the level of intricacy required.



Once all unit members have placed their orders, the POC will compile them into a spreadsheet and email it to our team, so that we can prepare your full unit order.

With that info, we will write up an e-invoice that will be emailed to you for verfication that it is 100% correct, and you can easily pay online, by mailed check, or via ACH/wire transfer.

Note: as of Oct. 1 2024, all payments made via Credit Card will be subject to a 3% Bank Processing Fee added to the total. Payments made by Zelle, ACH/Wire Transfer, or by check will have no additional processing fees added.

Upon completion of payment, you'll automatically receive a "paid" invoice from our website, and we'll move immediately into production.



Production normally takes 3 weeks from the time a design is finalized and payment is made. Once complete, your order will be inspected, packaged, and prepared for delivery.

We ship all CONUS orders via UPS, and OCONUS orders via USPS Priority shipping. Free Shipping is always included with your order, and tracking information will be automatically sent to you as soon as it leaves our shop. 

When your order arrives, it will be packed in bulk. You can then use the Order Forms provided for easy dissemination to unit members!