Unit T-shirt Program FAQ

Welcome to your source of the best custom Unit T-shirts on the planet! Here we hope to answer all your questions about our process and products in one place. 

If you did not find your answer here, please feel free to reach out to us using our simple Contact Us form and we'll get back to you right away. 


Is there a minimum number of products I need to order?

In order to qualify for No Design Fees, we will need to produce a minimum of 60 products in your order. This can be a combination of products from our full selection, as long as the total order is at least 60 items. 

But if you need less than 60 products, we can still help! For these smaller orders we may need to charge a Design/Setup Fee, but our fees are very reasonable and we are here to help you. Simply Contact Us and we will work with you to prepare you a quote. 


Do you ship overseas or to deployed units?

All the time! In fact, about 75% of the customers we work with are stationed overseas or actively deployed. Since our entire process is designed to work remotely, we can create your design, carry out your entire ordering process, make your products and ship them out to you, even if you are in a war zone!


Why do your products seem more expensive than other t-shirt companies I've found online?

It all comes down to "you get what you pay for." Our products are sometimes more expensive than the competition for 3 reasons:

  1. Our Product Quality: US-manufacturing, extensive testing, custom color matching to issued uniforms, and modern blends that resist shrinking, fading, and wrinkling means you get far superior product - one designed to last years.
  2. Our Designs: our team of professional illustrators create custom designs for you at NO cost - we simply work design fees into the product pricing instead. 
  3. Our Service: since we specialize in working only with Military and Law Enforcement, we understand your needs and have created a system that is completely built around you, our valued customers. 

You won't get any of this with the competition - you'll get a box of cheap t-shirts with a mediocre design and a print that won't even last. That's just the norm in the t-shirt business; especially with military and LE. If that's what you want, there are plenty of other t-shirt companies you can work with - but you'll probably be disappointed with what you get. 


What if I already have a logo and don't need a design custom-made?

That's totally fine! Most of our customers come to us for custom designs, but some customers already have a design made, or have a historic unit logo, emblem, or patch they don't want to alter in order to maintain tradition.

In these cases, we'll reproduce your design to stay completely true to the original. We can even add a weathering or distressing texture to the original for a unique, battle-worn look - it's entirely up to you. 


Another company I contacted can make t-shirts one-at-a-time, to order - why don't you?

First off - BEWARE of any company that makes t-shirts one-at-a-time in order to facilitate small orders.

Here's why - one-at-a-time T-shirt printing methods are NOT designed to last. There are currently only two ways to make a single t-shirt (DTG printing or vinyl heat pressing) and BOTH of these methods are a big compromise, as they are well known to fade or peel quickly and usually "just don't look right." You will be disappointed with the results of these methods.

At Reloaded, we only use tried-and-true printing methods that give you the most vivid, longest-lasting prints, excellent color and detail, and work perfectly on any fabric or material. We put quality first and are committed to making products that will last for many years - even if the setup is more complicated. 


What is your policy on Returns or Refunds?

Since our products are custom-made to order per person, we do not issue Returns or Refunds for customers who change their minds after receiving their order.

However, if we make a mistake on your order, we'll be happy to accept a Return on the incorrect items if a customer wants one. In many cases, we can also work out exchanges, or let the customer keep the errant product at a discount. 

Most importantly, we are committed to customer satisfaction here at Reloaded, because YOU are the key to our success. If there's a way to make you a happy customer, after your mistake or ours, we'll find it.